Wild card for IPV6 reverse configuration

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Tue Jun 12 20:57:06 UTC 2012

Dear all,
I have tried to configure a zone containing a range of IPV6 PTR records.
My target was to see how it is possible to configure such a zone to
 always return the same answer for all the IPV6 IP’s in the range.
And if possible to return specifi names for specific IP’s.
Example of a IPV6 range:
Creation of the zone  è  “0.0.b.a.”
In the zone, I have put the following PTR record:
*.0.0.b.a. 3600     IN   PTR     123.lebrol.be.
It seems (according to some of my tests) that for all IP’s in the range, the reverse is “123.lebrol.be.”
Question  è  is this a correct way to configure reverse IPV6 if we accept the same name for all the IP’s in the range?
Zone modification:
I have tried to add in the zone file the possibility to answer a 
specific name to a specific IP in the range and keep answering the 
general name to all the other IP’s in the range.
*.0.0.b.a. 3600     IN   PTR     123.lebrol.be.        3600    IN      PTR     nombre.de.cerise.be.                    è specific IP
It works when the specific IP is used:
lennydnstest01:~# dig @localhost -x 1234:5678:90ab:0021:0fed:cba9:8765:4321
;; ANSWER SECTION: 3600 IN PTR nombre.de.cerise.be.
But if another IP in the range is used having the following nibbles mapping the specific PTR  (here 1.2 ),  it do not work  and nothing is found!
lennydnstest01:~# dig @localhost -x 1234:5678:90ab:0021::
0.0.b.a. 3600 IN SOA ns1.uat.skynet.be. dnsmaster.skynet.be. 5 10800 3600 3600000 3600
Can someone give an explanation on the use of the wildcard *.Any other way to obtain the desired result?
Thanks in advance for your feedback,
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