How to handle zones that need to be the same in all views?

Mark Andrews marka at
Thu Jun 14 00:06:23 UTC 2012

In message <4FD8B4E1.3070103 at>, Max Bowsher writes:
> > Mark Andrews <marka at> wrote:
> >> This really isn't that hard.  Just use tsig and transfer the zone
> >> between views on the slave machine.  Just ensure that you transfer
> >> from the view that is getting the notify messages from the master.
> Thanks Mark, that's definitely a workable (if not very intuitive!) soluti=
> on.

No problem.  There were a number of ways to do this.  Using TSIG
this way is one of the less complicated ways and works when you
don't have multiple addreses to play with.

You can do a similar trick in older versions using server clauses
to set the tsigs in each view to daisy chain the zone transfer.
It's a lot more error prone however and has other issues.

> On 13/06/12 14:59, Barry Margolin wrote:
> > I think his problem is that the master only has one view, while the=20
> > slave has multiple views.
> Yes.
> Max.
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