Moving DNS out of non-cooperative provider

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Just to verify - when you say "old provider" you're just talking about somewhere you had pointed your DNS records to and NOT the actual Registrar for the domain?

If it is the Registrar you have to make changes at the Registrar's site to change which DNS servers to use.  If they're not being cooperative that might be problematical.  (I wouldn't think they'd prevent you from changing which DNS servers to use for your domain - even the putzes that like to lock domains when you try to transfer to a registrar still allow you to control your DNS setup within their sites but I guess it's possible they could do it if they were also your hosting provider and didn't want you pointing away from their web servers.)

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On Mon, 18 Jun 2012, Alexander Gurvitz wrote:

> Can someone enlighten me on the following scenario (I guess it's
> explained somewhere, but can't find the info.):
> was served by owner wants
> to move his domain to is not
> cooperating, and continues to serve 172800 NS
> (* and now
> serve 172800 NS
> Recursive resolver queried for every few
> minutes, and currently have 45892 NS in
> it's cache. have TTL of 3600.
> Thus each hour queries, with each query
> gets new NS record, and... refreshes the NS TTL ?
> Will EVER query ?
> I'd be happy to know how BIND behaves, but also how other servers may
> behave in this case.

It is not a question of how bind behaves. It is a question of how does dns work. Bottom line is, setup nameservers with $NEWPROVIDER and change the nameserver records with your registrar and move on. All will be well when the ttl's time out.

Until the ttl's timeout, resolvers with the old nameservers cached will still query them. Once the ttl's time out the new servers will be queried.

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