[ANNOUNCE] Netmagis 2.1.0 is released

Pierre DAVID pdagog at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 14:32:32 UTC 2012

We are proud to announce the release 2.1.0 of Netmagis.

Netmagis (NETwork Management Information System) is a complete
application which aims to simplify operation of a network. Netmagis
is an open-source software.

More specifically, it allows a network administrator to:
    - manage IPv4 and IPv6 addresses;
    - generate data for a DNS server and get BIND zone files always
	up to date and consistant;
    - delegate DNS management to other network administrators or
	every non-specialist of DNS management;
    - specify groups of users and very fine access privileges on
	addresses, on domains, etc;
    - manage DHCP allocations (both static or dynamic) with profiles
	to parametrize network boot;
    - use your existing LDAP directory to manage accounts, or manage
	accounts with the Netmagis database;
    - manage a large number of networks, users domains, DHCP profiles,
    - visualize with automatically generated network maps your
	network topology (switched or routed);
    - give access on these maps to users;
    - assign VLAN to equipment interfaces via a simple Web interface
	(for Cisco, HP or Juniper equipments);
    - delegate VLAN assignment to other network administrators or
	every non-specialist of equipment management;
    - access to traffic graphs that you have specified on your
    - locate hosts by IP address, MAC address or network equipement

Netmagis is available on http://netmagis.org/

FreeBSD ports and Debian/Ubuntu packages are also available on
http://netmagis.org. See installation instructions.

Pierre David & Jean Benoit & Sébastien Boggia

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