Reverse zones best practices

Brad Bendily Brad.Bendily at LA.GOV
Mon Jun 25 21:35:28 UTC 2012

I don't know about best practice in this case, but I decided to put our reverse entries into one "super netting" file as you call it.

We had the same problem that a lot of reverse entries were missing, so I wrote
a script to parse the forward file and create the reverse. Then I incorporated
that into my "adding a new entry" process so, I never add a reverse entry now, the script creates it. For that matter, all of our forward entries are in one file as well.

I don't need to look at DNS to find my network structure. I just want DNS to do DNS.


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Hi all,

look for some info on best practices for reverse zones. I have, a pretty big IP space and alot of reverse zones are not created.
I want to clean it up, a few people that dont really know DNS are thinking of "super netting" eg a top level sorta thing. 

but we have 100s of defined mission critical reverse zones defined at the vlan level of 10.x.x.0/24...  my thinking, would be do a discovery and create all the /24s, even if there is like 100s. instead of the bigger super net...

what would be the best practice and the way to go?


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