Using Zone Files as Data Base

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Jun 27 15:46:15 UTC 2012

	For years, we have used the A records in a zone as a
data base of assigned IP addresses and host names. We have
always done a zone transfer from a slave each time we were about
to assign new IP addresses and this has worked well, but it
occurred to me that it would also work if one could run a dynamic slave
DNS which always wrote changes to files as they occurred rather
than to journals which is the usual case and which is normally

	Now, we do a zone transfer from the slave, look for all
the A records, and then that tells us which IP addresses are
likely to be free in a network.

	In the new system, we would have a dynamic zone that was
always current so no need to do a zone transfer. Additions and
deletions would just be there a fraction of a second later and
the file would always be current.

Thanks for any useful ideas.

Martin McCormick

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