A records in response with CNAME records

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Stop spamming the list with essentially the same question.

comp.protocols.dns.bind and bind-users at isc.org are bi-directionally

And to answer your question.  No there isn't a switch.

In message <92e42992-d0be-4d53-b0dc-866102a4e667 at googlegroups.com>, Srinivas Kr
ishnan writes:
> A lot of times we get responses that look like:
> a.b.c.d CNAME x.y.z
> x.y.z IP
> BIND always sends out an additional query as soon as it encounters the CNAME 
> it stops processing and either x.y.z. is in cache or needs another query to r
> espond.
> Is there a setting in BIND to actually use the additional information sent in
>  the response i.e. the IP of x.y.z and not send the additional query. And if 
> yes what is the "option to set" and will it only work if both the label and t
> he alias of the CNAME record were in the same i.e in-bailiwick ?
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