RFC 6303 and bind 9.9.0

Spain, Dr. Jeffry A. spainj at countryday.net
Thu Mar 1 02:55:55 UTC 2012

>> Changing the second line ('@ 10800 IN NS @') to '@ 10800 IN NS localhost.' eliminates the errors.
> The built in empty zone processing is aware of the special case of NS records without address records.  The generic zone processing rules treat this as a error condition.

Just for clarification, do I understand correctly that if none of the empty zones described in RFC 6303 are set up explicitly in the bind 9.9.0 configuration file, then bind 9.9.0 will process them as such anyway using built-in generic zone processing rules?

>> (Empty zone (RFC 6303) vs. 255.in-addr.arpa. (RFC 1912)
> BCP 163 (RFC 6303) is based on BCP 153 (RFC 5735) which trumps RFC 1912.

RFC 5735 allocates, which would include except for, as "Reserved for Future Use". Based on this, it makes sense to me not to have an empty zone for 255.in-addr.arpa.

Thanks. Jeff.

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