RFC 6303 and bind 9.9.0

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Fri Mar 2 10:43:42 UTC 2012

Spain, Dr. Jeffry A. <spainj at countryday.net> wrote:
> Would you please elaborate on how you are managing your bogon-related
> empty zones.

I have bogon declarations and empty zones for all the ranges listed in RFC
5735 except which only has a bogon declaration. (The multicast
addresses shouldn't be used for DNS traffic but they do have public
reverse DNS zones.)

The IPv6 RFCs are less straightforward. I have bogon declarations and
empty zones for the following ranges. Perhaps I should add 6to4...

server	0000::/3	{ bogus yes; };
server	2001:0010::/28	{ bogus yes; };
server	2001:0db8::/32	{ bogus yes; };
server	3000::/4	{ bogus yes; };
server	4000::/2	{ bogus yes; };
server	8000::/1	{ bogus yes; };

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