reverse dns for IPV6 ranges

Mark Andrews marka at
Mon Mar 5 21:23:53 UTC 2012

In message <DUB109-W57AA00705E65417A6C57E4AC500 at phx.gbl>, hugo hugoo writes:
> Dear all,
> Can anyone help me with  its experience on reverse dns for IPV6?
> Presently, when we reverse an IPV4 subnet for clients, we configure all=
>  the reverse for the whole subnet.
> It is a lot of PTR's but perfectly manageable.
> With IPV6,  the number of IP's that we will receive is amazing....
> seems impossible for every single IPV6 inthe range to configure a P=
> TR.
> So...what to do?
> What is the common practice?
> What is possible with BIND?
> Thanks in advance for your answer.

Let the machines register their own PTR record using TCP as the authenticator.

	update-poliy {
		grant . tcp-self * PTR;

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