bind9.9.0 named-checkzone usage message

Spain, Dr. Jeffry A. spainj at
Mon Mar 5 21:58:48 UTC 2012

root at ns0s:~ # named-checkzone
usage: named-checkzone [-djqvD] [-c class] [-f inputformat] [-F outputformat] [-t directory] [-w directory] [-k (ignore|warn|fail)] [-n (ignore|warn|fail)] [-m (ignore|warn|fail)] [-r (ignore|warn|fail)] [-i (full|full-sibling|local|local-sibling|none)] [-M (ignore|warn|fail)] [-S (ignore|warn|fail)] [-W (ignore|warn)] [-o filename] zonename filename

FWIW, the options [-h] [-L serial] [-s style], as described in Bv9ARM.pdf, page 158, are missing from the usage message. Same with named-compilezone.

Jeffry A. Spain
Network Administrator
Cincinnati Country Day School

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