Master/slave configuration

michoski michoski at
Thu Mar 8 18:20:15 UTC 2012

On 3/8/12 8:15 AM, "Romgo" <romgo at> wrote:
> I can use a VIP for DNS server, but I though that master/slave
> configuration was made in order to avoid to use a VIP.

Master/slave was to avoid SPOF -- if the master dies, who cares with a
reasonable expire time.  :-)

So go ahead, setup a VIP...even using free stuff like Linux HA!  In the big
push for virtualization we've deployed N virtual machines behind VIPs doing
recursive DNS and it works fine.  It also lets you upgrade, replace, etc.
any of your hosts with less stress.  I think high availability should be an
onion of many layers similar to security.

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