reverse dns for IPV6 ranges

Jay Ford jay-ford at
Mon Mar 12 21:28:53 UTC 2012

On Mon, 12 Mar 2012, hugo hugoo wrote:
> Has anyone else experience with reverse IPV6 configuration with Bind?

We do static PTR records in the zones like we do in the
zones, to create address->name mappings matching the name->address mappings
created by the AAAA & A records.

I fairly recently started fiddling with wildcard PTR records for DHCPv6 
address pools, to at least return some answer for a query about the 
addresses.  Right now I have it configured so that a query for any address in 
any of the pools returns the same name, but it could be changed to return 
different names for different pools.  This obviously doesn't create symmetric 
name->address & address->name mapping, which might or might not be a problem. 
I don't have enough real use of this to know whether this wildcard stuff is 
helpful or not.

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