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In message <CB84B51A.4A53A%dan.mcdonald at>, Daniel McDonald writ
> On 3/13/12 8:20 AM, "hugo hugoo" <hugobxl at> wrote:
> > ==> do I have to create in zone "" the following NS record:
> >  
> >           TTL   IN   NS
> >  
> >  
> > I have found cases where this situation is present and other when it is not
> > present...and both cases seems to work.
> > What is the difference?
> The glue records aren't necessary when both the zone and subzone are on the
> same server, although it is good to have them for completeness.  When the
> zones are on different servers you need the glue records.

No, they *are* necessary.  Just because their lack does not cause
a resolution failure in all cases it doesn't mean they are not

If the parent zone is signed but the child zone is unsigned then
the lack of NS records *will* cause validation failures unless
OPTOUT is in use even when both zones are only served by a common
set of servers.

DNSSEC catches out lots of bad practices that mostly pass unnoticed
with plain DNS.

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