external view recursion issue

Samantha Steers sam.faith11 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 14:13:30 UTC 2012


I am getting prepped to migrate dns from one service to in-house servers.
While going through the zone file to ensure I got everything, I found that
we have CNAME in our domain pointing to a CNAME in another domain that is
pointing to the A record in the other domain:

host record.ourdomain.com
record.ourdomain.com is an alias for record.client.otherdomain.com.
record.client.otherdomain.com is an alias for otherhost.otherdomain.com.
otherhost.otherdomain.com has address x.x.x.x

To duplicate this exactly on our servers, it appears that I have to enable
recursion but the provider said that they are not doing that. I get the
feeling that I am not going to get the information from them on how they
are accomplishing this without recursion.

Right now I have replaced the CNAME with an A record pointing to the IP
directly and am getting the proper results, but feel that this leaves me
having to watch for changes that the otherdomain.com administrator might

Am I missing something else that I can do to replicate? A separate external

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