external view recursion issue

WBrown at e1b.org WBrown at e1b.org
Fri Mar 16 17:47:15 UTC 2012

Who will be using this in-house DNS server?  Your local users?  If yes, 
then you will need to enable recursion so they can look up outside 
resources (google.com, etc.)

If this server will strictly be an authoritative server for your domain, 
then it won't need recursion but queries that return a CNAME will cause 
the recursive server to look up anything in otherdomain.com, CNAME or A.

Samantha  wrote on 03/16/2012 10:13:30 AM:

> I am getting prepped to migrate dns from one service to in-house 
> servers. While going through the zone file to ensure I got 
> everything, I found that we have CNAME in our domain pointing to a 
> CNAME in another domain that is pointing to the A record in the other 
> host record.ourdomain.com
> record.ourdomain.com is an alias for record.client.otherdomain.com.
> record.client.otherdomain.com is an alias for otherhost.otherdomain.com.
> otherhost.otherdomain.com has address x.x.x.x
> To duplicate this exactly on our servers, it appears that I have to 
> enable recursion but the provider said that they are not doing that.
> I get the feeling that I am not going to get the information from 
> them on how they are accomplishing this without recursion. 
> Right now I have replaced the CNAME with an A record pointing to the
> IP directly and am getting the proper results, but feel that this 
> leaves me having to watch for changes that the otherdomain.com 
> administrator might make. 
> Am I missing something else that I can do to replicate? A separate 
> external view? 

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