every two days i'm getting a message from bind "no longer listening on X ip

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Sat Mar 17 10:42:32 UTC 2012

i have a problem on my bind server.
every couple days i'm getting this error and the server responding with 
an error for all requests.

08-Mar-2012 14:15:51.958 no longer listening on
13-Mar-2012 20:28:38.283 no longer listening on
15-Mar-2012 20:12:57.869 no longer listening on
15-Mar-2012 20:21:58.175 no longer listening on

my version is on gentoo amd64: BIND 9.8.1-P1-geoip-1.3

my config file:
acl local {;;
include "/etc/bind/log.conf";

options {

         directory "/var/bind";
         # you could also include an IPV6 address below instead
         # of 'none'.
         listen-on-v6 { none; };
         # we listen on the internal network, on the external address, and
         #also to ourselves.
         listen-on {;;  };
         forwarders {

         # anyone can query the server.  (but see views below)
         allow-query { any; };
         # collect statistics (?)
         zone-statistics yes;
         statistics-file "var/log/named.stats";
         pid-file "/var/run/named/named.pid";

         # allow zone transfers to the listed slave servers.
         # it's always a good idea to replicate your DNS information.
         allow-transfer {; };
         # traditionally slave servers would ask for updates every so often.
         # newer versions of BIND allow slaves to be notified on changes for
         # speedier data distribution.
         notify yes;

         # the default recursion setting:
         recursion no;
         forward first;

# our 'local' view will be accessible only within the LAN.
# the name is arbitrary; we have chosen 'local' for convenience

view "local" {
   # any local subnets that should see this zone should be listed below. 
  You can also list
   # specific IPs if you prefer.
         match-clients {
         recursion yes;

   # private-only zones go here!

   zone "10.168.192.in-addr.arpa" {
         type master;
         file "/var/bind/10.168.192.in-addr.arpa.local.hosts";

zone "lan" {
         type master;
         file "/var/bind/lan.hosts";
         allow-query {

view "public" {
   match-clients { any; };
   recursion no;

   # public-only zones go here!


if more info needed i will try to get it.


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