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In message <DUB109-W94FAA059D21622D23E2903AC420 at phx.gbl>, hugo hugoo writes:
> Doug
> The problem is that the parent zone and the subzone are on the same name se=
> rver.
> If I do a dig @name_server subzone NS  or   dig @name_server zone NS   ... =
> I receive the same NS answer.
Hugo, you asked this before and you got a number of answers already
which I will repeat below.


1)  Make a DS query.  A DNSSEC aware nameserver will answer from
the parent zone, not the child zone.  From that you can determine
if the NS RRset is present or not.  You can't however check the

2) Transfer the parent zone and check the records in that.

3) Set up a slave of the parent zone only and ask it.

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