"rndc reconfig" vs. "rndc reload"

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 22 17:05:29 UTC 2012

On Mar 16 2012, Mark Pettit wrote:

>We have an antiquated push process that copies files into the zonefile
>directory and then tells BIND "rndc reload".  For various reasons,
>"rndc reload" takes about 120 seconds to complete.  BIND is not answering
>queries for a very large part of that time.

It may be worth noting that recent versions of BIND (at least) only re-read
the zone files whose modification times have changed, on an "rndc reload".
It does still have to stat() them all, though, which could be bad enough.

>I recently started experimenting with a different process: instead of
>"rndc reload" after updaing some of the zone files, I loop through the
>list of updated zone files and run "rndc reload <zone>" for each one.

This is better, of course, if you can do it.

Chris Thompson
Email: cet1 at cam.ac.uk

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