Bind 9.6-ESV-R5 errors

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Mar 27 02:25:26 UTC 2012

In message <6134BB3286A31D4DB61E57114E8BA7C0609BF47F at
m>, Jack Tavares writes:
> Mark:
> >Ignore them.  They are from the built in empty zones.  They are fixed in
> >the next maintenance release.
> I notice that adding
> "enable-empty-zones no;"
> to the config stops these messages.
> Is there any downside to doing that?
The zones are from RFC 6303, Locally Served DNS Zones.  Their purpose is
stop reverse queries for local addresses leaving the site.  Removing
them shouldn't hurt but it does increase traffic on the public servers
and will increase response time.

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