Restricting access & keeping identical data across views

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Wed Mar 28 12:01:16 UTC 2012

Is signing not done at zone file level?

For our views even when the zones are identical I keep separate copies for the internal and external views so I would have thought this wouldn't be an issue.

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> I'm looking for a best practice to keep zone data across multiple views on multiple servers sync

        FWIW, you're not alone.

        I have three views too, internal, external, and mendacious.
        The last is for coercing unregistered clients connecting to
        LANs where registration is required.

        What we have works.  It will need a major overhaul for DNSSEC.
        I think I know what will be needed, but would find a BP
        or HOWTO helpful, provided it met my use-case closely enough.
        I'm not averse to contributing some effort to such a project.

        Niall O'Reilly

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