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Paul A razor at meganet.net
Thu Mar 29 16:44:51 UTC 2012

Looking further into this I do have an ipv6 on that server, a 6to4 ip (which
I didn't configure and I have to figure out how it got there). 

However I notice sometimes the query goes out as ipv6 6to4 ip and sometimes
as an ipv4 but I'm not sure why that is if anyone can explain why some
queries are sourced from the 6to4 ipv6 instead of the ipv4 ip that would be

Looks like when it goes out as a ipv6 6to4 ip I'm not getting a returned
answers which makes sense because I have no relay routers for ipv6 packets
coming in.  


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On 29/03/2012 17:35, Paul A wrote:

Hi Paul,

> However when I query kingstonmass.org I don't see any returned answer 
> and it eventually times out.
> 11:03:34.310559 2002:c690:8cc6:c:206:5bff:fe8e:334d.54795 >
> b2.org.afilias-nst.org.domain:  54297 NS? kingstonmass.org. (34)
> Again when querying this with my other DNS server it works fine. On 
> the server I'm having issues with I can ping all the pingable org 
> servers and the NS servers for the domain in question.

I notice that the query is going out with an IPv6 source address. Do you
have any firewalls or router ACLs blocking DNS back to IPv6 addresses in
your network?

I also note that kingstonmass.org has delegation to 2 name servers in the
ORG zone, but 3 name servers at its apex. The additional name server,
mns01.domaincontrol.com, gives a REFUSED response to a query for the domain.


Anand Buddhdev
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