Convice Bind to listen on IP alias with a range of IPs.

michoski michoski at
Tue May 1 22:08:12 UTC 2012

On 5/1/12 2:32 PM, "Augie Schwer" <augie.schwer at> wrote:
>> Contrary to what a lot of other people have suggested, it is in fact
>> possible using the socket API to bind() to IPs which aren't explicitly
>> created, due to special handling on the loopback interface. This can
>> certainly be done under Linux, for example., and I have just re-confirmed
>> that to myself.
> Thank you for confirming for others that this is a real feature.

The feature wasn't argued, I even showed it working with 127/8, but rather
what BIND will listen-on...

>> Unfortunately, it seems likely that named is using the normal socket APIs to
>> first enumerate the list of IPs on the box, and then filter those through
>> listen-on statements to get the final list of IPs to pass to a bind() socket
>> call - this would be a sensible way to implement the CIDR listen
>> functionality.
>> If so, then if the IP isn't *explicitly* on an interface, it won't appear in
>> the final output set, regardless of the fact a bind() call will succeed.
> OK, that makes sense, I have found that the following work-around does work:
> sudo ifconfig lo:1 netmask
> sudo ifconfig lo:2 netmask
> I get the full usable range on my loop-back interface, and Bind will
> happily now listen-on the address.

Exactly what was answered by multiple people...  you need an alias with the
IP you want BIND to listen-on!

Alas, the English language is such that some times the same thing needs said
several different ways to be fully understood.

Glad you got it working.

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