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Wed May 2 17:27:00 UTC 2012

On 2012.05.02 13.01, David wrote:
> Hello All,
>   I am new here but have been watching the list for a while.
> I run a small WISP and we have just moved to a new carrier.
> They have provided us with a cdir ipv4 block of /22 and a /23.
> I am trying to get my reverse DNS working correctly but they will not point
> their servers to my authoritative servers to tell these blocks where to
> find
> their reverse. They told me to place forwards in my servers which I have
> done.

this all seems terribly and unnecessarily convoluted.  the 6 arpa zones 
for this address space should simply be delegated to your nameservers. 
you are saying that your provider will not do this?

> FYI: I am running Bind 9 latest stable on my systems not sure what the
> carrier is running.
> Here is what they show on their logs:
> 01-May-2012 09:07:30.868 transfer of '' from
> connected using
> 01-May-2012 09:07:30.971 transfer of '' from
> failed while receiving responses: NOTAUTH
> 01-May-2012 09:07:30.971 transfer of '' from
> end of transfer

they appear to be attempting classless arpa delegation, but with net 
blocks larger than /24.  this seems odd to me.

> Here is what My logs show:
> 02-May-2012 15:28:29.979 security: client query
> (cache) '' denied
> 02-May-2012 15:28:30.133 xfer-out: client bad zone
> transfer request: '': non-authoritative zone
> Here is what the named.conf zone looks like
> zone "" {
>          type master;
>          file "/var/named/98.16.104.rev";
>          allow-transfer {
>        ;
>        ;
>        ;
>        ;
>                  };

they want you to have a zone named "", yet you 
have instead proclaimed a zone named "".  why they 
want this, though, is a mystery to me.

> I placed the forwarders to allow transfer on this zone but I think the
> zone name is no good.

i'm not sure what they're/you're referring to with forwarders here, but 
it's not really relevant given the context so far.


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