Can I build a new DNS/BIND system parallel to our existing DNS production system?

Samad Agha samad.agha2007 at
Thu May 3 16:14:30 UTC 2012

Dear DNS/BIND gurus,

I am the sole Unix/Linux/Backup Admin for a midsize city in California. I
also inherited a old DNS/BIND (BIND 8.2.2-P5) system running on a
Sun-Fire-V210 with Solaris 8 on it. The city is comprised of a hotchpotch
 of many Windows domains/domain-controllers, WINS servers, and Windows
based recursive DNS servers. My DNS/BIND skill set is elementary and I
just ordered two DNS books to start learning it in depth (DNS & BIND
Cookbook and DNS and BIND; 5th

1- Is it possible to treat the entire environment as brand new, start
building a couple of Linux name servers running the latest and greatest
BIND S/W, start populating it in parallel with our current production
system, and once the new system is completely up and running, turn off the
two Sun-Fire-V210s.

2- If step#1 is possible, as a minimum (H/W, S/W) what do I need for a
complete DNS/BIND system satisfying all the city's DNS needs
(internal/external resolutions).

Any architectural/implementation/best practices advice would be highly

Many thanks in advance,
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