Can I build a new DNS/BIND system parallel to our existing DNS production system?

Daniel Deighton ddeighton-isc at
Thu May 3 20:34:44 UTC 2012

On 05/03/2012 02:44 PM, Samad Agha wrote:
> Thanks for your help Eivind.
>>Depends, how long is a piece of string? I don't know what amount of
>>traffic you're currently seeing, or what your uptime requirements are. 
> - Are there tools to find out about current amount of traffic?
> - Our uptime requirements are basically from 6am to 6pm during city's
> business hours.
>>Estimate what amount of traffic you're seeing during prime time. How
> many >queries per second?
> - Again, how do I find out?

It is fairly easy to find out your query load using BIND. You will just
need to enable query logging (if it isn't already enabled) and use the
data to calculate your queries per second from the data.

Getting the information from your Windows DNS servers is not as easy.
You will likely need to put your Windows DNS servers into debug mode to
get any sort of query logging and the output isn't exactly pretty. You
could also get the data by taking packet captures and/or using a tool
such as dnssnarf, dnsdump or some other tool that another list member
might recommend.

>>I'd normally not recommend running BIND on slower
> multi-threaded Sun/Oracle >servers like the T-series, you'll normally be
> better off with fewer threads but >higher clock speeds from typical
> Intel/AMD systems.(caveat: I haven't bench->marked BIND 9.9.x, which
> might have improved this).
> - Currently I have two:
>      Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers with two Intel Xeon 3.0GHZ CPUs, and
> 4GB RAM each running RHEL 5.8 OS
> Thanks again,
> SA
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