Secondary Zone 'Raw' File format

Dave Carey dacarey at
Sat May 5 07:28:09 UTC 2012

Just one follow up question Evan

I understand as you say that its the wire format,  but for info is it
proprietary or is it related to the message standards defined in RFC
 or is it something else


On 4 May 2012 18:47, Evan Hunt <each at> wrote:

> > The other things that changed in BIND 9.9 is that there is a new version
> > of the "raw" format (as in "-F raw=1" versus "-F raw=0" in
> named-checkzone,
> > q.v. its man page).
> You're right, I forgot that bit.
> > What was the motivation for that change?
> It's for inline signing.  Raw format 1 has an extended header that includes
> the serial number of the zone from which it was generated.  This lets us
> resynchronoize the unsigned and signed versions of an inline-signing zone,
> in the event that, for example, you update the original zone file and
> restart named.
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