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Mon May 7 13:57:12 UTC 2012

On 07/05/2012 15:29, hugo hugoo wrote:

Hi Hugo,

> I have the following situation in my zone migration for one server
> (A) to another server (B)
> The zone is called and contains the following record:
>  86400 IN CNAME
> ==> the zone is in the same server (A) but is not transferred
> to the server (B).
> If I do a dig @SERVER(A)  ==> I  receive the IP
> corresponding to

This works, because server A knows about both zones, so it can return
the IP address out of zone

> If I do a dig @SERVER(B)  ==> I do not receive the IP
> corresponding to

Server B does not know about, so it cannot provide the IP address.

> - Is this situation due to the fact that dig always and only contacts
> the server mentionned in the command ?

When you run dig like this, it sends one query to a server, and shows
you the response. The dig command does not do recursive resolution.

> - Does the and be on the same server to correctly use

No. A recursive DNS resolver will be able to follow the CNAME chain from
server B back to A to look up records in


Anand Buddhdev

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