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Mon May 7 20:02:17 UTC 2012

Hi everyone-

Newbe here...

We have been running name servers using QDNS (Mac) for eons but now I want to change that.

I still have "NS1" (Master) set up and running with QDNS.  It is also set to be the master for "NS2" so that shouldn't need changing (I hope, although NS1 is running BIND 4.x and the new NS2 "Slave" will be running the latest build of BIND 9).

Having never set up NS records by hand, I'm not sure about what I'm doing, at least for the Slave (NS2).

I've read up on almost everything I could find, gone through my BIND book (DNS & BIND) and have a pretty good understanding of the basic zone file setups.  What I'm not sure about is setting up my named.conf file for the Slave.

My first question is about my options.  For now, I want to "receive" transfers from my Master server.  I may want to disallow the NS2 from transferring requests for outside domains (It appears this is a good idea?) but for now (testing) I don't want to do that.  Does this look correct for a basic Slave server's options?:
PS - I'm not sure on syntax - should the "allow-update" and "allow-transfer" statements be like they are with an extra ";" inside the curly brackets (It feels wrong but I keep seeing it )?

options {
	directory  "/var/named";
	allow-notify  { };	// Master IP Address
//	allow-transfer  {"none" ; };
	recursion yes;

I have zones for the following:

Zone "." IN {
	type hint;
	file "";
Zone "localhost" IN {
	type master;
	file "";
	allow-update ( none;  };
zone "" IN {
	type slave;
	file "slaves/";	     // Slave address
	masters {};     // Master address

Then I set up the zones for the websites (about 40):

zone "" IN {
	type slave;
	file "slaves/";
	masters {"};


Logging ...

Next Question:

When setting up new slave zones, is there anything else I have to do other than adding their zone "records" here in the named.conf?  Do the actual "zone" information files get written into the "slaves" directory according to the name I call them here, or do I have to include a blank file already named for each?

I apologize for all the questions - I honestly have been looking up as much information as I could before asking :-)

James Sheffer,

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