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Tue May 8 11:12:41 UTC 2012

On 08/05/2012 10:09, Ben wrote:
> I am new with bind.I am trying to configure bind as caching server for
> our network.I configure it and it works successfully.
> Can we get report or statistics something which shows which queries
> resolved from cache and which resolved from internet?

Yes. Add a section something like this (adapt for your own IP range and
whatever port number you prefer):

statistics-channels {
    inet   port 8080 allow { trusted; };
    inet 2001:db8::1 port 8080 allow { trusted; };

where 'trusted' is an ACL defining what IPs should be allowed to access
the statistical data.  You can now make HTTP queries like so:

which will get you an XML document containing many statistics about the
performance of your named instance.  If you ever decide to set up an
authoritative server, you might consider adding 'zone-statistics yes;'
in the options { } section, but this doesn't make any difference to
recursive-only resolvers.

> bind has snmp mib for monitoring ?

Not to my knowledge.  It should be possible to write an agentx plugin
that translates from the XML data provided natively, but you'll have to
write your own MIBs since the standard one from RFC1612 seems to have
received little development since.  Indeed RFC3197
( tells a cautionary tale.



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