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Todd is correct. The GENERATE only exists on the master DNS in the zone data file. The DNS data, as made available to the querying machines, will contain all the individual records upon startup, on the master and all slaves.

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If I remember correctly, $GENERATE is a zone file syntax only.  When you start up BIND, it parses those out and loads the generated records as if you'd written them out manually.  $GENERATE just helps condense the zone file, but has no impact on overall operation.

I'm sure someone from ISC could provide a much more technically in depth answer, but hopefully my memory serves correctly.


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Dear all,

Is there a difference between the configuration of a set of A records using:

1) GENERATE command like:   $GENERATE 0-255 $-1.2.3          A        3.2.1.$

2) Defining all the records one by one.

- difference in the amount of memory used?

- difference in the speed to retrive the answer.

If GENERATE command is used  ==> is the answer "calculated" at the query incoming or are all the records already present in memory?

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

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