Clarification on wildcard falls into glue records

Sam Wilson Sam.Wilson at
Tue May 15 14:23:48 UTC 2012

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 Alexander Gurvitz <alex at> wrote:

> You should NOT get A records. Wildcard works only for hostnames
> that have NO records of ANY type.

Excuse me while I delirk, but this is interesting.  Is a name on the RHS 
of an RR regarded as existing enough to prevent wildcard lookup?  In 
this I would have expected the NS lookup to be followed by an A lookup 
for which would match the wildcard, assuming no other 
records match that name on the LHS.


> >From wikipedia:
> To quote RFC 1912, "A common mistake is thinking that a wildcard
>  MX for a zone will apply to all hosts in the zone. A wildcard MX will
>  apply only to names in the zone which aren't listed in the DNS at all.
> " That is, if there is a wild card MX for *, and an
> A record (but no MX record) for, the correct
> response (as per RFC 1034) to an MX request for
>  is "no error, but no data"; this is in contrast to the possibly expected
>  response of the MX record attached to *
> Regards,
> Alexander,
> On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 9:34 AM, rams <bramesh80 at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have NS record points a record [A/AAAA] which is falls into wildcard . But
> > when I query for NS record against bind, we are not getting these records as
> > glue records.
> >
> > ex:
> > * A
> > NS
> >
> > Querying with any or ns.
> > don't we get glue records for this scenario? please confirm.

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