Reverse zone delegation for - HOW TO?

Ellad G. Yatsko eyatsko at
Fri May 18 16:29:35 UTC 2012


There is the Supernet is distributed through my network. 
Some network hierarchy is built in this Supernet. Some addressing plan 
is used.

There are some towns. Each town has IP pool of

There are some sites in different districts of above towns, they get a 
block of IP-addresess: 172.xx.0.0/20 from its main town's server.

Each ending site uses its networks in the following way:
- servers;
- voice;
- video surveillance;
- top-managers;
- accounting;
- ... some other departaments.

Indeed it's no matter what and why. Now I want to build hierarchic 
structure of DNS servers in each location. And delegate zones accordingly.
But I have some troubles in the beginning. How do I describe topmost zone?

I used a trick and made zone It is not exact but it works.

But I can't at all to delegate block to second level 
server to say nothing about delegation from second level 
to ending DNS!
Then I tried to solve this task in the most general way. I thought If I 
learn how to delegate "most difficult zone" I delegate simplier one easily.

So I began to delegate (not from topmost 
server to its neighbor as follows:

zone "" {
   type master;
   file "/etc/bind/master/reverse/";
   forwarders { };

and (in zone file):

0.16/    IN NS
$GENERATE 0-256 $       IN CNAME 
$GENERATE 0-256 $       IN CNAME 

And it does even work - delegating server asks fof for 
subordinate server, but I can't to explain to second DNS how to treat
relative to 0.16/ locally. So I tried:

zone "0.16/" {
   type master;
   file "/etc/bind/slave/reverse/";
   forwarders { };


$TTL 3600       ; 1 hour
@                       IN SOA (
                                 2012041707 ; serial
                                 900        ; refresh (15 minutes)
                                 600        ; retry (10 minutes)
                                 86400      ; expire (1 day)
                                 3600       ; minimum (1 hour)
                         IN NS

1.0.16/                  IN PTR

When I studied the issue I refered to an article 
( which greatly halped me before.
But I can't imagine how it will be for Class-B and Class-A supernets.

May help me with ideas and sintax?

I don't need to enumerate all 4096 /24 zones on topmost DNS, all 256 
172.xx.yy.0/24 on second-level DNS and all 16 /24 zones for each site.
It is teh worst advise because it is approximately that what I have 
today. I thought to order the structure and to do this "scientifically" 
as RIRs do. :-)

Kind regards,

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