Checking for zone expiration?

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Mon May 21 21:27:35 UTC 2012

On May 21 2012, Alan Batie wrote:

>We had a rather key zone mysteriously expire on a slave this morning -
>the log files show a transfer a couple weeks ago, but it hadn't been
>updated so there was no reason for one since and there were no log
>entries about failed connection attempts.

Do you have "try-tcp-refresh no" in your named.conf options? If so,
and the slave had lost connectivity with the master, the SOA lookups
failing would not have triggered a transfer attempt and so you would
not see any "xfer-in" errors.

>                                         I was wondering if there's a
>way to check the remaining time on a zone for monitoring?  If you fetch
>the SOA, you get the full ttl, for obvious reasons, not the server's

As Barry Margolin posted, check the mtime on the slave's zone file,
as BIND updates this each time it determines a new zone transfer is
not required.

Often, a good check for there being any zones verging towards
expiring is to look at the end of an "ls -ltr" listing of the
directory in which zone files are stored. For automation, use
something like "find [directory] -name [pattern] -mtime +3".
This works better if the files for "type slave" zones are kept
in a separate directory (or directories) from the "type master"
ones, if any.

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