Checking for zone expiration?

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Tue May 22 09:38:03 UTC 2012

>On May 21 2012, Alan Batie wrote:
>>We had a rather key zone mysteriously expire on a slave this morning -
>>the log files show a transfer a couple weeks ago, but it hadn't been
>>updated so there was no reason for one since and there were no log
>>entries about failed connection attempts.

On 21.05.12 22:27, Chris Thompson wrote:
>Do you have "try-tcp-refresh no" in your named.conf options? If so,
>and the slave had lost connectivity with the master, the SOA lookups
>failing would not have triggered a transfer attempt and so you would
>not see any "xfer-in" errors.

Isn't there anything other that will trigger transfer attempt, or is it 
useless in such case?
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