Change in statistics format

John Miller johnmill at
Thu Nov 15 16:44:12 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

When did BIND 9 switch over from the older

+++ Statistics Dump +++ (timestamp)
success #
referral #
nxrrset #
nxdomain #
recursion #
failure #
--- Statistics Dump --- (timestamp)

to the newer

+++ Statistics Dump +++ (timestamp)
++ Incoming Requests ++
                x QUERY
++ Incoming Queries ++
                x A
                x NS
                x PTR
                x AAAA
                x SRV
++ Outgoing Queries ++
[View: default]
                x A
                x NS
                x PTR
                x AAAA
                x SRV
[View: _bind]
++ Name Server Statistics ++
                x IPv4 requests received
                x responses sent
                x queries resulted in successful answer
                x queries resulted in non authoritative answer
                x queries resulted in nxrrset
                x queries resulted in NXDOMAIN
                x queries caused recursion
                x duplicate queries received
... etc.?

Is this a tunable parameter?  I didn't think so, but always helps to ask 
before assuming.

I'm getting ready to file a bug for our monitoring software (Hyperic 
HQ), because it only reads the older format, and wanted to be sure I had 
my ducks in a row.

John Miller
Systems Engineer
Brandeis University
johnmill at

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