DNS Zone File Entries Limit

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Fri Nov 16 03:18:39 UTC 2012

> Its there
> zone "rpz" {
>    type master;
>    file "/etc/bind/zones/rpz.db";
>    allow-query { none; };
>    allow-transfer {; };
> };

I asked:
"The slave is making a SOA query to the master and is getting refused as
as response.  I would be checking your acls.  Look at the logs on the

And you answered:
"No ACLs in place."

"allow-query { none; };" is _not_ "No ACLs in place."

Allow-query should be a superset of allow-transfer.

> Nov 16 00:12:51 [Redacted] named[32736]: client SLAVE#39164: bad zone
> transfer request: 'rpz/IN': non-authoritative zone (NOTAUTH)
> Nov 16 00:13:40 [Redacted] named[32736]: client SLAVE#59205: bad zone
> transfer request: 'rpz/IN': non-authoritative zone (NOTAUTH)

Is still indicative of the server not being configured to serve the zone.
You have the wrong named.conf or have not reloaded the nameserver.

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