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Fri Nov 30 12:53:33 UTC 2012

On 29.11.12 18:34, Jose Manuel Delgado G. wrote:
>about the other question, as to reduce the response time of my server when
>the domain does not exist?

it is not the "domain does not exist" problem. This is the "the only
nameserver for a domain times out" problem, which can be only avoided either
by fixing the server or making it answer. Since there is just no workaround,
the only thing bind can do is to query (and timeout).

>> > # dig @

>2012/11/29 Chuck Swiger <cswiger at>
>> You've got two nameservers for the domain per WHOIS as:
>>    Domain servers in listed order:
>> ...but they don't have A records setup.  Your nameservers must have A
>> records:

actually, they have glue A record in .com zone:

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:       172800  IN      NS       172800  IN      NS

;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:   172800  IN      A   172800  IN      A

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