Sunos 5.8 Error:EDNS not supported by your namesever

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Wed Sep 5 07:54:06 UTC 2012

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>  a message of 66 lines which said:
> > EDNS not supported by ***.**.**.**
> 1) Test your name server to be sure the diagnostic is correct:
> You should get in the answer something like:
> ; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 4096
> (To test with a non-EDNS name server, 'dig +bufsize=4096
>' and with a EDNS name server 'dig +bufsize=4096
> SOA fr' so you can see the difference)
> 2) BIND supports EDNS for so long that everyone forget when it was
> included. So, it is unlikely it is the fault of your name server. If
> your name server does not support EDNS, it probably means there is a
> broken middlebox (firewall or something like that: most are configured
> by ignorants, specially when it comes to the DNS) that you have to
> fix.

SunOS 5.8 is ancient (12+ year old)and no longer supported by Oracle.
I can't remember which version of BIND 8, SunOS 5.8 shipped with
but it wasn't a recent version at the time.  Named will most probably
have to be replaced.  He can compile a modern version of BIND 9 or
down load a prebuilt version.  It looks like has
a prebuilt package but I'm not going to subscribe to confirm.

Alternatively the OS could be upgraded to a more recent release or
the entire machine could be replaced.

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