Sunos 5.8 Error:EDNS not supported by your namesever

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Sep 5 16:44:43 UTC 2012

On 9/5/2012 10:19 AM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> In message <7e1c5160a2aa122a39e879c8343bf459.squirrel at>, "Eivi
> nd Olsen" writes:
>> Mark Andrews wrote:
>>> SunOS 5.8 is ancient (12+ year old)and no longer supported by Oracle.
>>> I can't remember which version of BIND 8, SunOS 5.8 shipped with
>>> but it wasn't a recent version at the time.
>> Not that it really matters much, but I thought I'd check some old Solaris
>> 8 installation I still have access to - the BIND bundled on that one was
>> 8.2.4.
> And EDNS support was added at 8.3.0.
I just checked a Solaris 9 box, and its binary appears to be based on 
8.3.3. So it would, at least, support EDNS0, but be deficient in almost 
every other way. I vaguely remember that Sun (that would be Oracle now) 
offered a package (as in "pkgadd" package) featuring a BIND 9 "named" 
binary and some utilities. Don't know if or how much Oracle would 
support that package though.

I can verify that relatively-modern versions of BIND (e.g. some 9.8.* 
versions) compile with gcc on Solaris 9. I don't have any access to a 
Solaris 8 box with a compiler though...

                                                             - Kevin

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