does a stub zone require an IXFR?

M. Meadows sun-guru at
Thu Sep 20 11:39:26 UTC 2012

Attempting to determine if a stub zone requires any kind of zone transfer. Reading through online doc I find mixed opinions. Here's one:

Stub-Zones do receive their information by just querying DNS-Servers instead of
requesting a Zone-Transfer. You can even add Stub-Zones for Zones where
Zone-Transfers are not allowed.
... But on a different web site / forum here's another:

The Stubzone has an SOA record and the NS glue records. When you
add a stub zone to a DNS server you would need it to zone transfer to get the
NS records. The stubzone does update the NS records automatically unlike the
delegated zone which is alll manual for NS records. So a stubzone must zone
transfer based off SOA record settings. Also i would bet its an incremental
zone transfer IXFR (?).

Can anyone answer this question definitively? 


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