openldap, dlz and dynamic dns updates from isc-dhcpd

Jeff Lasslett jeff.lasslett at
Sat Sep 22 00:40:39 UTC 2012

Hello List,

I would like to use openldap to store DHCP config and DNS zones.
I've scoured the web for howtos and I've learned a lot.

For openldap backed DNS it seems that DLZ is the best option (faster,
and the data is better organised in ldap).

My main question is about dynamic updates from the DHCP server.  I
would like to know if bind 9.9 can update
an openldap DLZ with dynamic updates from a DHCP server.

I've read about Andrew Tridgell's work on getting BIND to update DLZs

Can encryption be used to dynamically update BIND's DLZs, just as it
can if zone files are used?


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