ACL per listening IP address ?

Oscar Ricardo Silva osilva at
Thu Sep 27 15:42:16 UTC 2012

I have several multi-homed caching servers and am using anycast.  Each 
server has it's native interface and then all of them advertise two 
other IP addresses, and  BIND only listens 
on these other two IP addresses.  There is no problem with this setup, 
it works fine and queries are serviced without problem.

options {
	listen-on port 53 {;;

Since these different physical servers are advertising the same IP 
addresses (the two above), verifying the status/health of the instance 
of BIND is tricky.  Basically we have a script running on each server 
which is used by our monitoring service.

Is there a way to apply individual BIND ACLs to each of the listening 
interfaces, restricting who can query that particular address? My idea 
is to add the native (unique) interface to named.conf but only allow 
certain IP addresses to issue queries against it.

I'm not very familiar with the concept of views but I wonder if the 
"match-client" statement might be the way to go.  Alternatively we can 
setup an external ACL (or firewall statement) that only allows queries 
to the native address from our monitoring service.

Clear as mud?


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