DNS BIND Failover Setup (High Availability)

david t. klein root at nachtmaus.us
Sat Sep 29 14:01:05 UTC 2012

A month and a half late, but what you can do is:

 - Hidden master, owns the zones but is not advertised, except in SOA
 - Zones are dynamic, you learn to make updates with NSUPDATE, pointed at
the master
 - CRON job in the master to freeze-backup-thaw the zones as often as your
backup policy says
 - Multiple slaves learn the zones from the master via XFR
 - The slaves listen on a loopback address, which is the same address in
every slave
 - Each slave runs a routing daemon and advertizes the loopback address as a
specific /32 or /128 to his upstream router
 - All clients are configured with the IP Anycast address, and you have NS
record for the IP Anycast address
 - You run a monitoring script in each slave, so that if NAMED stops being
available or stops giving sensible/correct answers, then the script: 
   - sends a "KILL -9" to NAMED
   - withdraws the route from the routing daemon
   - downs the loopback virtual interface
   - sends you an email/page/rings an alarm

Really, many people have solved this, in much the same way. It is almost a
standard pattern. 

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Can someone please point me to setup High Availability BIND DNS Server on
CentOS Linux version 5.8?


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