Reverse Records on a leash?

Eduardo Bonsi beartcom at
Sat Aug 10 00:44:08 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

I would like to know why we are treat like a dog on a leash when the 
question is to reverse our DNS ip address to a FQDN of our choices since 
our account is already assigned to us by our ISP? 7200 IN PTR    IN A

Is there a way to get around that without have to ask our ISP to reverse 
it? Can we use CNAMES for that?
One of the major problem here is that ISPs are not happy to make all 
that money in their subscribers, they also want to exploit that part and 
charge you for it.

... and please, do not tell me that is to keep the spammers out because 
that so far has not proven to be true. The bad guys have an unlimited 
number of domains to do their dirt work everyday.

Eduardo Bonsi
System - Network Admin
beartcom at

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