Can't directory query NS type from nds server.

Sury Bu bushurui at
Tue Aug 13 07:20:06 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Why the father DNS server put the children‘s NS resources in the Authority
RR section, but not in the Answer RR section?

For example, I have defined a in my father DNS server, it
contians " IN NS record."

[root at tester1 named]# cat
@    IN SOA    @ rname.invalid. (
                    0    ; serial
                    1D    ; refresh
                    1H    ; retry
                    1W    ; expire
                    3H )    ; minimum
    IN NS    @
    IN A IN NS        IN    A

When I use host -a, the result contains

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:    86400    IN    NS

;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:    86400    IN    A

Received 71 bytes from in 0 ms

I can find the AUTHORITY SECTION: 86400 IN NS

But, if I directory use -t ns type to query the NS record, then It will

[root at tester1 named]# host -t ns
Using domain server:
Aliases: has no NS record

Anyone can give me some advice?

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