internal network PTR records, necessary?

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Wed Aug 14 11:00:28 UTC 2013

On Aug 14 2013, SM wrote:

>Hi James,
>At 19:06 13-08-2013, James Chase wrote:
>>I noticed if I do a reverse lookup on an internal IP it seems to 
>>reference an iana server. Do we have a misconfiguration to be going 
>>out there for an answer? Could it be that this iana server was not 
>>responding monday morning?
>See RFC 6303 and RFC 6305.

Also see the BIND documentation on "automatic empty zones".

In BIND 9.9, empty reverse zones for RFC1918 ranges will be defined
by default. In earlier versions, since  9.6-ESV-R6, 9.7.5 or 9.8.1
respectively, the same will happen only if you include the option
"empty-zones-enable yes;" explicitly.

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