Bind99 and a slave named server

LuKreme kremels at
Sat Aug 17 04:42:19 UTC 2013

I've been running bind 9 on my FreeBSD servers for awhile. After putting a new machine in place I installed bind99 via ports on the new machine (the master) and updated bind to bind99 on the secondary DNS (the slave).

However, I could not get the slave to do anything other than post errors and refuse to start. Usually they were along the lines of not being able to bind to port 953 or of not being able to receive the zone updates.

To get it working, I converted the slave to a master so I have two instances that are both masters. If I need to make changes, I'll need to make them twice. Obviously, I'd prefer to haver try this working correctly.

Before I really dig into this, is there a general "before you upgrade" or "how to upgrade bind9 to bind99" that I didn't see because I updated via ports?

It can't be THAT broken, since converting to master went very smoothly.


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