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Several years ago I used a Perl script called "lbnamed" that monitored status and returned the host IP address that was least loaded.

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On 22 August 2013 05:39, Manish Rane <manishr78 at> wrote:
> So, DNS will monitor the host on port 80 and as soon as it detects that
> either of the host/link is down it would remove the associated entry and
> re-populate the entries
> Is any one aware of such solution readily available? I believe I already
> posted similar question but havent heard much positive things.

The only open source "appliance" I'm aware of is but AFAIK that doesn't update DNS, it
proxies the traffic on a virtual IP address to balance/provide HA.

The easiest method if you want to do it by DNS is a simple script that
is cron'd to run every X minutes and either use `nsupdate` to push
updates to the records or sed/awk to rename records and then reload
zone files. Not sure what you are struggling with, this is something
that can be knocked together in a matter of minutes by any
scripter/programmer. If you have a monitoring system like Nagios you
could use the various hooks it provides to run scripts when something
happens/changes state rather than writing your own custom monitoring

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