rndc flush and TTL values

sumsum 2000 sum2hike at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 09:42:02 UTC 2013

This is my configuration for  positive and negative cache TTL.

                        view "newDNS" IN {
                        max-cache-ttl 300;
                        max-ncache-ttl 200;

                        zone  "makemytrip.com" IN  {
                                type forward;
                                forwarders {;};
                                forward only;

When I run dig abc.com for the first time, the TTL shows 135 and when I
rndc flush, i expect the TTL to start again afresh, without the knowledge
of the previous query, but i get a TTL say 133 and further queries followed
by rndc flush gives the reduced TTL values.

rndc flush, flushes the cache, but the TTL is not reset. Is this the
expected behavior.
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